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alexis [Visitor]
I read what u wrote about shots but, my question is/statement is: I gave my snake a shot and the area that I gave the shot in looks" loose" or like he's getting ready to peel. Is that ok?
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Maddie [Visitor]
I just got my first snake, a baby ball python about three weeks ago, and its eyes look all milky, and its skin looks dull, so i think he is shedding. he has always opened his mouth every once in awhile, like he is yawning, but when I looked in on him today, and i noticed the milky eyes, dull skin, ect. He was doing it way more than usual, is this normal? also i read that their underside should be pink, but his doesnt seem to be pink. last thing, sorry about the longness, the two times ive fed him while ive had him, he hasnt refused any food, but i dont know if he will refuse food while he is shedding, my mom will probably not let me keep a mouse if he refuses it, so will it hurt him if i dont feed him while he is shedding? thx
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julie [Visitor] ·
My 2 and a half year old ball python hasnt eaten for 7 weeks now. Ive tried wiggling and moving the rat in front of her but she not interested in it. Ive left in in the tank over night and shes still not eaten it. Ive also pricked its head with a pin to let some brain juice come out and shes still not interested. Im worried cause shes never refused her food always been a good eater but not eaten anything in 7 weeks. can you please advise me on what else to try.
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$ourdnj [Visitor]
after my snake laid her eggs last nite one was in an awkward position on her back and she couldnt cover it. what should i do ?
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William [Visitor]
Great job of instructions, except:
You said to twist either wire from the extension cord to the white wire from the power strip. This could create a hazard. The ribbed side of the extension cord is connected to the larger of the two blades on its male plug. This is the neutral side and must be connected to the white wire. If it is reversed the "hot" wire from the plug would be connected to the neutral from the power strip. If a two prong device is plugged in which has a housing grounded through the neutral, this housing would now be energized and could electrocute someone.
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crystal [Visitor]
hey ron i got a pastel ball python off of a breeder about 4 weeks ago he is eating well but i notised his belly was going pink and rubbing him self on every thing in the tank wich is a good indication of sheding but its been 3 weeks now and he is still not showing any sighns of the skin loosening and the eyes are not fogy, his sencers are a little red but i dont know why my snake wont loose its skin i have not been handeling it and hes still showing lots of interest in food. i would take him to a vet but there are no vets in my little town that deal with reptiles. any information would be very helpful
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Cait [Visitor]
Ive had my ball python bubba for a year now I got him when he was just a baby, he was perfectly fine this morning very active and ten min ago when I went to take him out he was dead.I'm crying so hard I dont know what to do.i dont know how he died
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Dylan [Visitor]
Hello I bought a male from you guys in December and I wanted to eventually get a female to see if by some chance they would breed together. My question is, if I did get a female what would be the chances of them breeding together with just one male and one female if I followed the above instructions, and could I keep them in a large wide tank together.

Thank You!

Also y'all make great snakes! I love mine!
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Brandon [Visitor]
To the person who posted the frozen alternative to feed a snake it takes alot of effort to get a snake to switch to them especially if they were wild caught.

Those frozen rats were killed with Co2.

Breeding and raising snakes is a hobby just like any other hobby. People spend alot of time and money to care for rats, mice, etc. for food for reptiles. Not just snakes eat rats and mice. I breed rats and mice for my snakes and feed live! Its the snakes job to do the killing just like in the wild. I have never been bitten and have picky eaters so whatever! Food live or dead is still food! You buy meat at the store you know it was raised and killed for food. That's the same for rodents and reptiles!!!
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ward standish [Visitor]
Go to Done business with them several times.
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Brent Coldiron [Visitor]
What is the long term demand for Ball Pythons that would prevent the market from collapse, like it has for other exotic animals, like ostrich did a few years ago, leaving those who bought expensive animals for breeding purposes, holding the bag!
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Ryan [Visitor] ·
My ball python isn't eating, obviously. He's almost done shedding and it's winter, so I'm not sure if I should be concerned. He hasn't eaten in six weeks. He's used to eating live mice, but since I've taken him a few weeks ago, I've only had access to frozen mice. I'm not sure if he's just not hungry or if he refuses to eat the frozen mouse. I did the proper steps to warm it up, etc. but am not sure that's enough. Is it possible he'll starve himself to death before he eats the mouse?
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collins gameli hodoli [Visitor] ·
hello there,
thank you very much for this great note and research on royal python in ghana. i will love to know more about the survey you have done and if there is any way you can kindly help me with some books or journals that will be very useful in my survey of snakes. i am currently working on snakes survey in asubima forest reserve of ghana and i need works done on snake surveys. i will love to be assisted in the literature review and so much that is needed for this work to be complete.
i am in the kwame nkrumah university of science and technology finishing my 4 year degree course in bsc natural resource management.
thank you.
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david [Visitor]
i would have to agree i treat my mice and rats like kings well they are alive nut when it comes time i do what needs to be done i even name my mice and rats so i have pot micky on the menu so it is all good and you do not have to worry they understand and it is the same i say to vegys they go on about the killing of anamles all the vegables that vegys eat were live at one time so was the food that you feed your rats and mice so it is all they same the only difrence is that sunflowers dont scream so i guess that makes it ok not if you do not like the killing of anamles you sould not like the killing of the plants and things you give mice and rats or that you eat so you starve iwill not let my rat mice or snakes starve so think about that
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Debbie [Visitor]
Anyone know the dosage for Tylan injectable for BP's? PLMK Thanks Deb
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joseph [Visitor]
i was given a ranco a few years ago, its just been sitting in my closet. after doing these steps it worked perfectly! finally get to use it! thank you so much!
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ben [Visitor]
my ball python seems to be bleeding on his belly. not exactly sure why. there is a dark wide line that starts halfway down his belly and goes pretty much all the way down with what looks like cracks or cuts across it. i noticed it while checking why he wasnt sheading normally. what can i do to get him healthy again?
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Danni [Visitor]
I always feed my ball inside his cage, but the difference is that I'll take him out of his cage, line his cage with newspaper (over the bark type substrate so he doesn't ingest it if he happens to get some in his mouth), place the food in, and put him back in after a few minutes. He doesn't associate me taking him out with food and he's never even pretended to strike at me
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andrew [Visitor]
My ball python just shed 2 days ago and then today she used the restroom however in her cage away from the feces it looks like a small egg yep just one is that possible?
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Todd Thrasher [Visitor]
I recently purchased a young captive bred ball python.It's been eating well and appered to be healthy.It seems to be having a little trouble shedding so I've increased the humidity in the tank.
I also have started soaking the snake in luke warm water. today i noticed that it appears to have a prolaped cloaca. Does anyone know whats going on?the snake seems to be eliminating waste with no problem.
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