How to find a good Reptile Vet near you

You really should know how to find local reptile veterinarians or at least have their contact information handy just in case you need their services. I won't go into much detail about reptile vets here because I've talked about the topic at greater length in a previous blog. I will however pass along an exceptional directory website that you should bookmark and share with friends in the hobby just in case you or they should ever require the assistance of reptile vets in your city or town.

Visit and bookmark It's a free service for locating local reptile vets in your neighborhood using just your zip code.

Can I let my Ball Python Crawl in the Grass?

It's the dead of winter as I'm writing this blog entry. Snow is everywhere, even the white-house is covered in snow. There's not a strand of grass in sight as I look out the window here at the ball python facility. I can't wait for things to warm up and for summer to arrive so we can get back to wearing shorts and t-shirts. Speaking of summer, although it's two seasons away as of this writing, I'm often asked if it's okay to let your ball python travel outside in the grass, stretch out a bit and soak up the warm rays of the sun. My answer is “sure”, but please do so with caution. Here are a few tips.

Ball pythons can pick up ticks so make sure you check your ball python – and check it twice – to make sure there are no ticks on it when you remove it from the grass. Ball pythons are pretty good swimmers too but you still need to monitor them if you decide to let them swim in your pool. Rinse them off very well and let them soak in clean water if you've had them in a chlorinated swimming pool. They have a very powerful grip so bear this in mind if you allow them to crawl on objects. It may be a challenge to remove them if they've wrapped themselves around something like the arm of a chair for instance.

There are many people in the world that are deftly afraid of snakes. I for one was very afraid of snakes many years ago – circa 2,500 BCE – so I know how afraid someone can be if they suffer from Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes). We know ball pythons are harmless wonderful pets but there are many people that see them as nothing more than another “scary snake”. Please be mindful of these people when you have your ball python outside.

I'll more than likely add to these tips as we approach the warmer summer season. Until then it's piles of cold snow to contend with. Brrr.....

ball pythons

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Jerry Seinfeld and NBC - in association with - is searching across the country for married snake and reptile owners! If you and your spouse bicker over your pet ball python, snake or reptile in general we would love to hear from you!

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Please include the following:

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We look forward to hearing from you.

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Ball Python Breeder Blog Update

Hello everyone.

Its been quite hectic here with eggs hatching and baby ball pythons to care for so I apologize for not having blog'd in a while. I'll be back to blogging very shortly though so please bear with me while I play catch up with the ball pythons.

I have some interesting topics to blog about so please stay tuned. One topic that comes to mind is on soaking ball pythons and how to soak them correctly. We've been soaking ball pythons with incomplete sheds pretty much the same way for many years now without any problems until recent. One of our adult female Albino ball python's drowned just minutes after being placed in a soaking container. It took me several days to come to the harsh realization that one of my ball pythons actually drowned. Again, we've soaked them the same way for a number of years without any incident until recently. Needless to say my spirits were down for a while after this happened because we lost an animal and it was a puppy dog tame adult albino female that has been in our collection for a number of years.

I'll elaborate more on this and other issues when I write the next blog entry very soon. Thanks so much for reading the blog and have a look at our ball pythons for sale too.