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When life hands you lemons, make beef stew! 

Okay, the title isn’t exactly what you were expecting or anywhere near how the old cliché goes but neither was my sudden unannounced hiatus from the wonderful world of ball pythons either. I want to first make a public apology to all my friends and custo… more »

Download the Pet Reptile Husbandry Sheet for FREE!

As a follow up to my previous blog, The Importance of Keeping Records, we've released a FREE reptile husbandry sheet - in PDF format - that you can use to maintain important husbandry related information pertaining to your pet ball python or reptile in g… more »

So Your Ball Python won't Eat, eh? – Revisited

This blog article will attempt to provide a checklist of sorts for persons having difficulties getting a newly acquired ball python hatchling to feed. I'm not going to re-write what I've already written in previous blogs so I'll simply make reference to… more »

New Ball Pythons are Exciting! (videos)

There's nothing like receiving a new ball python and experiencing the thrill and excitement that accompanys it. I too get such a rush when new ball python babies start hatching out their shell. Here are some videos of customers receiving their ball pytho… more »

A Late Ball Python Breeding Season

I haven't blogged in quite some time so a quick blog and status update is in order. The ball python breeding season started late for us here so we're expecting clutches of ball python eggs a bit later than usual. I've been out of the loop lately and… more »