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Swine & Avian Flu Protection - N95 Particle Respirator Masks

First it was HR669 that demanded my attention, which we've defeated by the way - congratulations everyone! - and now it's swine flu. For all of you that follow my blog, you know my topics are pretty much focused on ball pythons since this is a ball pytho… more »

Individuals Showing an Initiative to Fight HR669!

A member of our forum, "GrayKat97" has showed great initiative to help fight HR669. GrayKat97 didn't just send emails or letters but made PHONE CALLS! I just had to share this effort with the rest of the world to help motivate all of us to go "above and… more »

Connecticut is GONE! Please Act Now on HR669!!!

I'm going to stay on the theme of HR669 for the time being since it's VERY IMPORTANT and demands our attention as a whole. Here's the latest info I've received from the herp community: ............................................ This law snuck in,… more »

Pets in Peril - HR669

HR669 is SERIOUS folks and goes well beyond just ball pythons and other reptiles. Brian Barczyk does an excellent job explaining the serious implications of this bill in the following video. TAKE ACTION NOW - HELP SPREAD THE MESSAGE!!! Visit http://… more »

Sample Letter HR669 - The Nonnative Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act

I've blogged about HR699 several times and others too have voiced their concerns over this house resolution. I received the following document via email today from and have included it in its entirety for your review and action. --- Sampl… more »