Comment from: singingtothewheat [Visitor]
Wonderful article. Thank you so much for your great education!!
02/27/09 @ 01:20
Comment from: john brightman [Visitor]
looks very interesting!
bookmarked your blog.
john brightman
05/24/09 @ 07:14
Comment from: Mike Kelly [Visitor]
Great Article thanks for the info! Just a question though what is the usual duration of treatment and the frequency (i.e. - everyday for X days, or every other day.)
10/21/09 @ 07:13
Comment from: Mai [Visitor] Email
very interesting. how many times would you recommend giving the ball python the shots?
05/20/10 @ 16:10
Comment from: Wingerson [Visitor]
Hi nice text only one question how many days medicated snake with the baytril? And how mg is a one ml? Thanks
08/20/10 @ 19:45
Comment from: Joy [Visitor] Email
Awesome info, I am concerned about a snake at my local reptile store, its an albino ball with an RI placed on "super sale" (199) with an "ALL SALES FINAL" sign on the tank... I'm worried that they aren't bothering to treat it at all and that they just expect someone to snap it up and take care of it themself. I am definitely going down to ask more about it. Oh yeah- I was also (incorrectly) identified as a spammer.
09/08/10 @ 00:52
Comment from: Debbie [Visitor]
Anyone know the dosage for Tylan injectable for BP's? PLMK Thanks Deb
01/20/11 @ 21:47
Comment from: alexis [Visitor] Email
I read what u wrote about shots but, my question is/statement is: I gave my snake a shot and the area that I gave the shot in looks" loose" or like he's getting ready to peel. Is that ok?
04/15/11 @ 01:05

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