Comment from: Wolfeh [Visitor] Email
Nice idea, I never thought of giving her a pat on the head, I'll have to remember that.
Aside from that, I was wondering if them coiling like that was a bad thing, My younger sister gave me the snake because she was afraid of it attacking her, and I was never sure if the snake would actually do that [I guess that part actually depends on the snake]

I'm gonna keep track of this, and start patting her on the head. Great idea, I'll see if it works with her too.
12/11/08 @ 13:17
Comment from: Zombie Green [Visitor]
Interesting. I never connected it with a Pavlovian response, but, after a lifetime of being fed in his cage, my ball python does exactly what you describe: if he's at all hungry, he'll head toward whatever's moving around at the top of the cage (usually my hand) with his neck in an S-position and an intensely studious look on his face.

Several years ago, I started discouraging him from his contemplations of gobbling me by stroking him on his head and body with the edge of a paper towel. Works like a charm.
07/13/09 @ 01:04
Comment from: Sam [Visitor]
He knows when it's feeding day because I'll take him out and let him get a look at the rat inside the rat's container. He'll get a whiff and I'll put him back in his cage with nothing but his water bowl and one of his hides inside of it. Drop the rat in, and WHAMMO, he gets it! Hasn't struck at me once.
08/24/09 @ 14:36
Comment from: Keyth [Visitor] ·
I handle my python as soon as I open the cage. Every time before I feed her or otherwise. She does seem to recognize the fact that she might get fed after her people time and early on she would curl her head after I put her back in the tank. When I actually feed her I take everything out of her tank and feed her after handling her. She has started to recognize being fed with an empty tank as opposed to being put back with her box, water and big stick.
10/03/09 @ 14:46
Comment from: Mecece [Visitor]
I have fed my snake in his cage with everything in it every time. He knows when it is feeding time because I show him the mouse outside of the tank before I open it and give up the mouse. Snap! He always gets the mouse really fast. I love my snake and I am pretty sure he gets in the "S" position before he attacks the mouse though.
10/20/09 @ 15:23
Comment from: bob [Visitor]
i got a yearling ball python bout a month ago and have fed it outside of the cage just as the person who had it before me did and when i open the cage it looks up at me but doesnt move its body much at all but when i put it in the container that i feed it in it automatically goes s-shaped and starts flicking out its tongue every few seconds till i put the f/t mouse near it and it feeds agressivly enough to take the tongs outta my hand with the mouse on occasion lol.
01/05/10 @ 22:44
Comment from: Kaitlyn [Visitor]
I got my ball python over 3 years ago when he was still just a baby. It was my first snake and the person at the pet store suggested that I feed him in a separate tank and so I always have. Whenever I open his cage he will sometimes tighten up into a ball( because of the noise from me unlocking the cage) or will just stay there laying down I've never had him go into striking position. But once I set him down in the other tank he knows and gets ready for me to drop in his food(live).
01/15/10 @ 15:23
Comment from: Dawn [Visitor]
I have a baby ball about 16". I feed her in a seperate container. The problem I have is in getting her out of the container, even after eating she strikes at me. She doesn't do this anywhere else but in the feeding container. How can I get her back in her tank without being bitten?
03/03/10 @ 10:30
Comment from: Natasha Brandenburger [Visitor]
I've had my ball for about a year now and have always fed him outside the tank in a seperate container. He's always been nothing but docile when I open his tank and has never struck at me in all the time that I've had him.
07/27/10 @ 02:40
Comment from: moriah [Visitor]
i have a baby ball pyhon too and he used to strike at me when i had him in his feeding container. You just have to wait until she gets ready to come out of the container. let her begin to crawl out of the cage and take her out when shes done (that will let you know that shes done)
09/01/10 @ 19:24
Comment from: Danni [Visitor]
I always feed my ball inside his cage, but the difference is that I'll take him out of his cage, line his cage with newspaper (over the bark type substrate so he doesn't ingest it if he happens to get some in his mouth), place the food in, and put him back in after a few minutes. He doesn't associate me taking him out with food and he's never even pretended to strike at me
01/06/11 @ 00:01

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