Comment from: Renee [Visitor] Email
I just got eggs, I have the temp perfect I have the humidity between 70-80 % trying to keep it at 80 is that good?
06/30/07 @ 09:18
Comment from: Ron Crawford [Member]
80% is good but the higher humidity the better. Just make sure the substrate is damp but not soaked with water. The substrate should feel moist to the touch but shouldn't have water drain from it if you picked up a fist-full with your hand and squeezed it. Good luck!
06/30/07 @ 14:16
Comment from: Becky [Visitor] Email
My snake laid eggs while I was on vacation and what I've looked up on the internet and the pictures I've looked at don't look like the one's my snake laid.Her's are long and fat not round.Is that normal???
06/20/08 @ 10:20
Comment from: Ron Crawford [Member]
Becky: I can't be of much assistance without photos. Please join our ball python forum and post some photos of the eggs there. Thanks.
06/20/08 @ 10:26
Comment from: crystal [Visitor] Email
I have 3 ball pythons,2 male and 1 female.Well my snakes are acting like they are mating.very active.when should i take her out of the cage and put her in her own new at all this...some one please help me...
07/26/08 @ 15:45
Comment from: Ron Crawford [Member]
Crystal: Stop through our ball python forum, lots of good information and members there. Best of luck to you. :-)
07/30/08 @ 22:30
Comment from: AJ [Visitor] Email
I saw somwhere the no substraght method wetting the medium alot,soakingand lifting eggs on to plastic, like egg crate lot of sqare holes eggs never touch medium or water is this method good how much humidity is made this way thanks
07/31/08 @ 20:30
Comment from: Ron Crawford [Member]
AJ: The method you described works - along with many other methods. A good humidity gauge will tell you what the humidity is in the container. ;-)
07/31/08 @ 21:00
Comment from: Tim [Visitor] Email
well about a week ago i ended up with two little white odd shaped balls in the corner of my snake cage i thought at first that it was just fesies but i wasn't sure so i left it alone. i know i should have done my research as soon as it happened but anyways my female has just been sittin there starring at them i don't know if its cause they are in the corner and she can't get to them or if this is the first time she's done this but i didn't want to touch them and up set her so i left them alone but the eggs if thats what they are seem to be quite small compered to the eggs shown on most the pics i have looked at so i'm not sure what to do but i'm figureing its probably to late to do anything i would just like to know what anyone thinks i should do

Thanx, Tim
09/12/08 @ 08:09
Comment from: tyler [Visitor] Email ·
you should have for sure move the eggs either into an incubator or have put then where your female is at. but from the sounds of it i don't think it is eggs there is o way that feces that big game from a ball python their eggs are larger than most chicken eggs and there feces are smaller than a penny. if your getting feces this size your ball python is overrrrrr eatttiiiinnnnggggg. or it has a problem. depending on the temperature in the tank it may not be to late. as long as the tank is 85 degrees or higher they should be fine now if you move them and the female wraps around them then the tank should be about 80 degrees.
04/09/09 @ 22:52
Comment from: michele [Visitor] Email
Hello todayis 4/14/09 and when i got home from work at 10 am i noticed my snake started laying eggs. well so far she is upto 7. 2 questions..
1- do i move them into a clutch so she can lay on them or leave them?
2- how soon do i try to feed her?
04/14/09 @ 16:46
Comment from: Brittany [Visitor]
thats so kewl cuz my dads ball python just laid eggs about 2 weeks ago
an she just curls up around them to incibate them
i think its really kewl
I have a question
Q: Is it alreight to leave the eggs in the tank with the mom or sould we take them out?
04/24/09 @ 08:54
Comment from: Richard [Visitor]
I have 4 ball eggs that were laid 4 weeks ago. They are now not smooth. Is it bad for the eggs to cave in somewhat? Can you fix by adding more water to raise humidity? Concerned that they may be dammaged.
05/12/09 @ 12:06
Comment from: panda0116 [Member] Email
My ball python Just had four eggs the other day , I bought her two weeks ago and they never told me shew was pregnant. well she had been incredibly crabby to be nice about it and since we got her, we didn't even know she was a girl when we got her because people were to sacred to sex her. Anyway when the eggs were laid i realized that three of the eggs were littler the the other one and they were like a tan color what does that mean , and she has one really big white one, please help me , she won't let me ofr my husband near her cage
05/15/09 @ 12:41
Comment from: Kyle [Visitor]
My snake just laid 5 eggs but she has moved one of them out of the nest and it is brown. Is this egg "dead" or should I put it back in with the female?
07/20/09 @ 22:41
Comment from: Ron Crawford [Member]
Kyle: The egg she kicked out is infertile (a slug).
07/20/09 @ 22:58
Comment from: Jp [Visitor]
My ball had eggs on 6-16-09. how long does it take for them to hatch, and when they are born she wont kill them? Thanks for your time and I find these web pages helpful
08/04/09 @ 22:24
Comment from: wcarcher [Visitor]
hey guys, i lost two clutches so far! both cluches has mold on then. what would/could cause this?? please help
08/23/09 @ 10:36
Comment from: ShelandMani [Visitor] Email
Hi....I have two odd Q's......
My Female BP , about 2weeks ago, i noted in her cage a clutch of VERY small HARD while little balls??? I have no idea what they are , they were stuck together too???.....HELP

Also, and this is wierd since i read what a BP feces SHOULD be.... my Female pooped out , I SWEAR, a small size DOG SIZED poop!!!!!!! it was long, def. NO PENNY SIZE.... this happened only one time but i was amazed!!.... she is eating 2 to 3 small defrosted mice every 4 days.... im going to try the defrosted med soon.... am i feeding her to much??? I mean she grew 6 inches in 2 weeks since i placed her in a 20 gallon tank.... they had her in a 5 gallon.....
HELP, lol, please!!!!
08/29/09 @ 13:35
Comment from: Mike [Visitor]
Great article! I have been keeping ball pythons for years and will start breeding this season. Trying to read all I can to make sure I get it right. Thanks!
09/17/09 @ 04:36
Comment from: macey [Visitor] Email
my ball python laid eggs but i moved her and the eggs onto moss in a better cage bcuz i could only get the humidity up to 60%. but then she wouldnt incubate the eggs when i had her in the perfect conditions.. i tried one more time putting her in with the eggs and she just wont. i fed her and have her in a seperate cage now.. i made a make shift incubator with a bow with a lid with holes.. i put a humidity guage in it that reads 95% and the temp is getting up to 85ish.. im still working on the temp.. the problem is.. its been 3 days since she laid and one was starting to look dark and they are wilting in... im hoping they survive! any suggestions?
05/05/10 @ 09:45
Comment from: Manda [Visitor] ·
I got two ball pythons from the same litter/clutch and one turned out to be male the other female. I didn't try to breed them and the girl showed no signs of pregnancy, she didn't bask with belly up or look swollen and she ate normally. I was told prego snakes won't eat.
Thanks. You helped with the whole process. I let the lady incubate the eggs. The boy did too o.O But now I have 7 little squirmies I ended up selling to a small time local reptile store that I go to. I hope they find good homes. <3
06/16/10 @ 16:10
Comment from: vic [Visitor]
Hi as ive read all over the net my royal python too has also laid an unexpected clutch of eggs 5 possibly 6.Ive left her to it and removed the male. The eggs were looking very smooth and white at 1st, she laid them 3 days ago and now it seems that from the little i can see that they have some slight dimpling with faint yellow patches is this normal? Or could it be its aint humid enough? please help
07/02/10 @ 03:34
Comment from: Alan [Visitor] Email
Our ball python apparently just layed some eggs, but she isn't curled around them, just off to the side of them. She has layed them in their regular showbox, which is over the heating pad. Also, the eggs appear to be somewhat lumpy (I will try to add pictures). One of them is somewhat brown-what do we do about it? Thanks!
07/10/10 @ 18:14
Comment from: Alan [Visitor]
Also, does the male need to be taken out?
07/10/10 @ 18:17
Comment from: Todd Thrasher [Visitor] Email
I recently purchased a young captive bred ball python.It's been eating well and appered to be healthy.It seems to be having a little trouble shedding so I've increased the humidity in the tank.
I also have started soaking the snake in luke warm water. today i noticed that it appears to have a prolaped cloaca. Does anyone know whats going on?the snake seems to be eliminating waste with no problem.
12/17/10 @ 19:05
Comment from: andrew [Visitor] Email
My ball python just shed 2 days ago and then today she used the restroom however in her cage away from the feces it looks like a small egg yep just one is that possible?
12/30/10 @ 18:51
Comment from: $ourdnj [Visitor] Email
after my snake laid her eggs last nite one was in an awkward position on her back and she couldnt cover it. what should i do ?
03/28/11 @ 10:37

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