Comment from: christina [Visitor] Email
Ron, I am in desperate need of a local breeder, how can I go about finding one. I seem to be searching and never finding one. Please help if possible.
08/21/07 @ 15:08
Comment from: Ron Crawford [Member]
Google? Sorry I can't be of much help. We ship you know. ;-)
09/13/07 @ 22:06
Comment from: el trubador [Visitor] Email
i just got started with rats after i failed to raise mice. rats seem easier.
03/29/09 @ 11:52
Comment from: Lindsey [Visitor]
Hi, ive recently tried to start breeding mice for my ball python although ive seemed to fail at my first attempt...any ideas what happened?? i had a single male and female together in a 20 gal tank for 16 days took the male out waited 28 days no babies...i dont know what happened.

thanks lindsey
06/09/10 @ 16:42
Comment from: Derick Jones [Visitor]
It's a good thing I am reading all these post before getting my kid those rodents. Good to learn about all this on a single blog. Thanks for all these tips!
07/15/10 @ 07:44
Comment from: simon &olga [Visitor]
do you know anyone willing to ship feeder mice ?cuz i have california king snake and going to be buying a ball python
07/27/10 @ 20:51
Comment from: ward standish [Visitor]
Go to Done business with them several times.
02/11/11 @ 22:04

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