Comment from: Jordan700 [Member] Email
Very nice post Ron. Thanks for the information.
09/11/06 @ 20:00
Comment from: luis [Visitor] Email
my red tail jaw is out of place i feed her a mise and that how her he got out of place
11/17/07 @ 22:18
Comment from: Amber [Visitor] Email
How can we tell if our snake is a boy or girl?
01/02/08 @ 04:11
Comment from: Ron Crawford [Member]
Please refer to the snake sexing article located in the ball python articles and reports section of our website. Thank you.
01/02/08 @ 08:35
Comment from: ashley [Visitor] Email
ive read your article among others and my question wasnt really answered. how big are snake mites? what do they look like? cann i see them without a microscope? im going crazy, we dony have a herp vet anywhere near us. i dont think my fritz has mites, but i am realy not sure please help to fill me in
01/15/08 @ 20:12
Comment from: tiffany glass [Visitor] Email
hello, im interested in purchasing a ball python. how would we buy from you, are you going to be at any reptile shows or conventions soon, in the central or southern california coast?
01/29/08 @ 13:46
Comment from: FANKOREA [Visitor] Email
02/21/08 @ 19:06
Comment from: Ron Crawford [Member]
Ashley: mites are about the size of this period (.) and move slowly. You can wipe your snake with a white paper towel and inspect the towel for moving black specks.

Tiffany: Send us an email at [email protected] or phone us about a particular ball python you're interested in, thank you.

FANKOREA: Try, they have an effective product called Provent-a-mite that works well with eradicating mites. You can email or phone them to see what they recommend for your situation as they are experts with reptile mites.
02/21/08 @ 22:28
Comment from: med_specialties2002 [Visitor]
i feed my python in a separate cage i went to transfer him when he was finished eating and he bit me. now i try to pick him up he hisses at me why is that
08/25/08 @ 14:56
Comment from: RASHAD [Visitor] Email · http://KING Z
08/26/08 @ 18:07
Comment from: Ron Crawford [Member]
Rashad: I only deal with ball pythons so I cannot help you out with your question personally - sorry. Perhaps you should post your question in the "Other Reptiles" section of our forum for a response by one of our members.
08/26/08 @ 21:06
Comment from: Ron Crawford [Member]
med_specialties2002: You haven't provided enough background information on the animal, how you approached it, the age of your animal, etc. for me to give you an educated guess of why you were bitten. Please re-post your question in greater detail over in our ball python forum. Thanks.
08/26/08 @ 21:12
Comment from: Lauren [Visitor] Email
Thanks for posting the info =D
I actually work at a Petstore.
Petsmart, to be exact. I can honestly say that the two we have (they're babies. 1 1/2 long) are taken well care of. Captive bred, although I'm not sure that means anything.
I'm actually thinking about buying the one I feed/take out the most, but after reading this now I'm a bit hesitant. I'll call the snake a she. 'She' eats fine, actually dives for the thawed mouse before the other one, and is pretty active. What else should I look for?
09/22/08 @ 00:05
Comment from: Ron Crawford [Member]
Lauren: What else should you look for? You should look for a ball python that we have for sell then you'd have nothing to worry about. An authentic "captive born and bred" ball python with a health guarantee that rivals the retail pet store chain you work for. :-)
09/24/08 @ 10:37
Comment from: Lauren [Visitor] Email
Heehee. I'd certainly jump on that, but I've gotten mildly attached to this snake. I have her named and everything X3
Do they enjoy the company of other snakes? In which case I'd concider buying one from you. Gotta suport good breeders. =P
09/25/08 @ 03:33
Comment from: Ron Crawford [Member]
Lauren: Please visit our forum and educate yourself (along with the staff at your pet store) more on ball pythons. I say this based on your question about enjoying the company of other snakes since ball pythons should be housed individually (see other blog entries for my follow up to this).
09/28/08 @ 12:57
Comment from: Lauren [Visitor] Email
Righto. I'll hop on that =P

I've talked to one of my co-workers about snakes. She had a burmese (spelling?) python for 25 years-ish and has a 65 gallon tank she'd be willing to give me. Would that be safe? I mean it's clean and all and she said the snake didn't have a disease.
The snake I'm after at work is less than a year old and cute as a button. I don't think I could afford one of your high-quality ballies at this time, but they are beautiful. =]
09/28/08 @ 21:41
Comment from: Ron Crawford [Member]
Lauren: Please post these questions in our ball python forum and read as much as you can about them on our website. Best of luck to you.
09/28/08 @ 21:47
I watch bindi on discovery kids my friend also watches she is very sad.
10/30/08 @ 20:49
Comment from: James [Visitor] Email
I'm interested in buying 2 ball pythons, Male & Female for breeding. Does it matter if they breed from the same parents. I know you shouldn't do that with animals, but not sure about snakes. Just curious.
11/01/08 @ 16:36
Comment from: Ron Crawford [Member]
James: I'm assuming you're talking about normal ball pythons. There is no reason why you should attempt to breed normal sibling.
11/02/08 @ 16:01
Comment from: Debbie Crego [Visitor] Email
I bought a ball python from a pet store. I cared for him diligently for about 6 months. He was happy, ate regularly, and had no problems whatsoever. About a week ago, I fed him his usual jumper mouse and five days later he was dead. He regurgitated the mouse half digested in his cage. I was shocked. Any ideas of what killed him?
12/01/08 @ 19:46
Comment from: Ron Crawford [Member]
Debbie Crego: I'm very sorry to hear your loss. This article pretty much sums up the general quality of pet store ball pythons for the most part so I'm not shocked at all to hear that your pet store ball python died for no apparent reason. As far as why it died, you have to take it to your vet for him or her to tell you why. Best of luck to you and be sure to take a look at our quality ball pythons for sale when you're ready to buy a new pet ball python from a trusted breeder with an unmatched 30-day health guarantee.
12/01/08 @ 19:56
Comment from: Matt [Visitor] Email
where did you get the first two snakes you started to breed with.
12/16/08 @ 20:38
Comment from: Ron Crawford [Member]
Matt: Please read the "About Us" section of our website to learn where I acquired my first ball python. Subsequent acquisitions were from reputable breeders' only, never a pet store ball python for reasons mentioned in this blog.
12/16/08 @ 20:50
Comment from: Warren [Visitor] Email ·
Hmm, wow, I never knew all about that stuff. No wonder people are lame for buying imported animals - all the parasites! AWESOME website. Thanks! I'm just asking, but do you have a price for a baby ball python? What is it, could email me? I'm just asking. Also I live in Orlando Florida - how would I purchase and receive it from you?

12/28/08 @ 14:57
Comment from: Ron Crawford [Member]
Warren: Please see for a listing w/ prices of our available ball pythons, thank you.
12/28/08 @ 17:19
Comment from: kaci watkins [Visitor]
that was very good information and that i will save because my dad is goin 2 get me a ball i will save this information and use it....
01/03/09 @ 19:28
Comment from: vinicius nascimento domingues [Visitor] Email
eu sou o fa dele dez de pequeno
pra min ele é o cara
eu sempre vou na tv e tem filmes dele
01/04/09 @ 16:33
Comment from: edward alonzo [Visitor]
that is a good pic
01/09/09 @ 09:40
Comment from: Shelly [Visitor]
I work at PetSmart, and I just wanted to point out that we take damned good care of our ball pythons; in fact, we take good care of all of the pets in our store. If we notice even the slightest chance of any illness in any one of our pets, we take them into the back and treat them until they are back to their full health.

I'll admit however, that our vendors aren't that great, but even if we get a sick animal delivered to us we treat it until it's well again before putting it up for sale.

Also, we clean all of our animal cages at least once a week, including all of our fish tanks.

You've made it sound as though all pet stores are horrible places, which is not the case. I agree there are a lot of bad places out there, but you can usually judge whether or not a store has quality care just by walking in and checking out a few of the habitats.
02/12/09 @ 15:44
Comment from: Ron Crawford [Member]
Shelly: You're right, not every pet store is bad but if you've seen my email inbox or heard the countless phone calls we receive from people that bought a ball python from a pet store then you'd probably think the majority of them were bad. My point is, "Why even take the risk if you don't have to?" A trip to the vet can cost a lot of money, much more than it would cost if someone dealt directly with a breeder that has an outstanding reputation for the quality of their animals. I've heard of horror stories of vet bills exceeding $500 or more from people who bought a normal ball python just days earlier from their local pet store. You've even admitted first hand as an employee of a large retail chain pet store that your vendors "aren't that great". Whenever I buy pets for myself or family (tortoise, rabbit, geckos, etc) I go directly to a trusted breeder with an excellent reputation because it just makes better sense to me. :-)
02/12/09 @ 19:17
Comment from: Megan Sandoval [Visitor] ·
He is the best whoever calles him fake needs to look in the mirror cause there FAKE!!! RIP STEVE
03/17/09 @ 14:30
Comment from: Juan Carlos Guerra Aguirre [Visitor]
Steve Irwin
You heritage is Wonderfull and when you leave our world from that moment you will live for ever in the heart of the world.
Thank you Irwin for your life

Juan Carlos
03/21/09 @ 16:40
Comment from: jaja [Visitor]
buddy your a goof
04/20/09 @ 11:48
Comment from: neelaveni [Visitor]
steve u r Great.
05/09/09 @ 02:35
Comment from: Zak [Visitor]
Nice site Ron. Thanks for educating all the people. I did want to point out that I went with a Petsmart bp...handled regularly, feeding records(wow), didnt stress easily, but I later discovered he had mites. Ive since remidied the mite issue and now have a healthy, quite plump bp.

If at all possible, go with a good breeder. Some pet stores are better than others, but generally dont provide quality, healthy animals. peace
06/18/09 @ 22:40
Comment from: alexis [Visitor] Email
what do pythons eat
06/28/09 @ 19:27
Comment from: Kristen [Visitor] Email

I'm actually looking to buy a young, healthy, normal ball python, but I'm a bit paranoid about all the things you have mentioned above. It wasn't you, I've found all this information through other sites and it's got me worried about my future baby dying.
However, the site you have me linked too says it's sold out of Normal Ball Pythons. You're site has got be a bit confused and I want to make sure I'm getting a healthy snake.
If you could please e-mail me back with some more information, like when you will have normal young ball pythons to sell, I'd be absolutely ecstatic to hear from you.
07/07/09 @ 16:06
Comment from: davor [Visitor]
damn i just purchased a Bp from a pet store....
07/13/09 @ 08:48
Comment from: kayla [Visitor]
Hi, just wanted to say that I appreciate your efforts to educate BP owners on this site. I own a Ball from a respectable breeder and he is healthy, energetic, and has a great appetite. People considering a BP purchase should keep in mind that some pet stores aren't necessarily honest about where their pythons came from, whereas a snake from a breeder is assuredly a good one that has been well cared-for. Why risk it? I had a friend who bought his first BP from a petstore chain(I won't give the name) and it died in his care within a month. It was really sad and his next snake came from a good breeder, and is evidently now in my care :) and I couldn't ask for a better BP.
08/13/09 @ 18:54
Comment from: adam [Visitor] Email ·
so cute that small girl looks like reel one bigest fan adam see you on tv with some reel snakes and crocdils
see you soon
good luck finding them.
08/24/09 @ 03:18
Comment from: Allie [Visitor]
Like the guy from Petsmart, I have to say, I take offense to this. I am the head of the animal department at a pet store in Owensboro, KY, called Pet Food Center and I take wonderful care of my snakes. We also only receive snakes from reputable breeders. We never receive snakes from any other place. And definitely don't buy them from trappers or anyone who deals with trappers. Your article is a bit one-sided and unfair to those of us in the pet trade that work our behinds off to care for our animals.
10/07/09 @ 16:19
Comment from: Calley [Visitor]
I have just purchaded a ball from a good breader or so I thought. I brought him home and kept him in the same room as my and my cousin-in-laws other snakes. We got home from work today and checked in on him and he seemed fine. We took him out and noticed that he will not roll over from his back and has labored breathing. We are thinking it is possiable IBD. Neither one of us has any experiance with IBD. So we have done everything we could thinking of to keep it from spreading to our others. We have sprayed with mite spray, vaccumed, and dusted. We did everything we could think of... Is there anything we can do at this point? Bought it three days ago today, what else can we do other than monitor them for the next couple of months? Also, he has an anaconda and will she be affected?
10/23/09 @ 22:24
Comment from: Ron Crawford [Member]
Calley: There's a good article on IBD in the "Ball Python Care Sheets" section of our site (see home page for link). Unfortunately IBD is 100% fatal so lets hope your ball python doesn't have this fatal disease. Best of luck to you.
10/24/09 @ 22:55
Comment from: J [Visitor]
Here's something else to keep in mind when buying a snake from a pet store. I know this particularly applies to ball pythons. I've learned this from working in a pet store and dealing with the wholesale suppliers that all pet stores deal with, and from reading all sorts of stories from honest importers/wholesalers on Fauna.

In the pet store trade, there are three classifications for where a snake comes from:

"Wild Caught" is exactly what it says it is - the snake has been captured and collected from the wild.

"Captive Hatched" can mean one of two things - either eggs were taken from a nest in the wild, or a gravid female was collected from the wild. Then the eggs were hatched in captivity.

And then there's "Captive Bred". One might think this means that the snake comes from a line of captive snakes that have been bred in captivity for generations like reputable breeders do. Sadly "Captive Bred" usually means something else when it comes to wholesalers, and therefore to pet stores (although I doubt most pet store employees are aware of this). "Captive Bred" in this case actually means that the snakes were bred on a farm in Africa and then collected and imported to the US.

All three categories might as well just be considered "Wild Caught".

Get your snake from a reputable breeder, not a pet store! Nearly all pet stores, even the "good ones" who do take care of their animal STILL get their ball pythons from big wholesale suppliers.
11/21/09 @ 17:30
Comment from: Twizted Paths [Visitor] Email
No, You're thinking of RB - Ranch Bred. There's actually a few more terms and it's good to ask which one it is without using abbreviations when you talk to the seller.
WC- Wild Caught
LTC- Long Term Captive
RB- Ranch Bred/Farm Raised
CB- Captive Born (ask for clarification from seller)
CBCB or CBB - Captive Bred Captive Born (parents bred here, litter born here and is often shortened to CB)
12/14/09 @ 23:45
Comment from: Alice [Visitor]
About pet stores and reputable breeders---My son's friend rescues reptiles and most of her rescues come from pet store owners who don't know the first thing about taking care of snakes. She is constantly getting calls from law enforcement agencies who have closed those businesses down for animal abuse and rampant diseases. Sadly--she is putting down more snakes than rehabilitating. I vote for reputable breeders every time. Sign me "Mom of a BP snake lover"
03/20/10 @ 12:33
Comment from: NOT like the rest! [Visitor]
I have owned my own petstore for many years and would like to say on my behalf, that I ONLY buy from local breeders.....all my reptiles,chins, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs etc are bred within driving distance from my house.....Our pet cages are cleaned EVERYDAY! So, please do not classify in a general sense of speaking that petstores sell sick animals....
06/16/10 @ 20:45
Comment from: Anna [Visitor]
Hmmmm...after reading this I started to think of not buying from the nearby reptile breeder/store because they had a few WC BP babys. I'm only 14 1/2 and i dont think my uncle would like the idea of getting a reptile shipped to him (if i could pay shipping and such, i would buy from you.) I've owned and taken care of a lot of different reptiles since I was 8 , and this place sounds okay...unlike petsmart where my Crestie died almost a year after I got her. (nothing against them, im sure some are ok). the place is this place here : Off The Ark Exotic Pets. I think what im going to do is ask to check out and handle their snakes to check for mites and such and make sure that their cages are clean and temps and humidity are correct. they say they treat their WC snakes for internal and external parasites but most likely im getting one of their "CB" snakes, but ive heard of people just saying that theyre animals are CB so people will buy them (should i ask about parent lines? where they got them?). you seem much smarter than i am about this. what do you think about my plan? (and try not to say buy from you, i would, but i dont think my uncle would want to. hes even reluctant about buying nonliving things online).
08/31/10 @ 22:43
Comment from: Cait [Visitor] Email
Ive had my ball python bubba for a year now I got him when he was just a baby, he was perfectly fine this morning very active and ten min ago when I went to take him out he was dead.I'm crying so hard I dont know what to do.i dont know how he died
03/01/11 @ 19:14
Comment from: crystal [Visitor] Email
hey ron i got a pastel ball python off of a breeder about 4 weeks ago he is eating well but i notised his belly was going pink and rubbing him self on every thing in the tank wich is a good indication of sheding but its been 3 weeks now and he is still not showing any sighns of the skin loosening and the eyes are not fogy, his sencers are a little red but i dont know why my snake wont loose its skin i have not been handeling it and hes still showing lots of interest in food. i would take him to a vet but there are no vets in my little town that deal with reptiles. any information would be very helpful
03/03/11 @ 12:46

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