Comment from: andrea stephenson [Visitor] Email
how do i start breeding the ball python?
08/05/07 @ 12:32
Comment from: Risa Quitugua [Visitor] Email ·
well i have 2 ball pythons and both of them are males, they both have some hideout places,but will they fight for territory?
08/26/07 @ 05:07
Comment from: Stuart Obourn [Visitor]
this articale was very helpful to me.
09/03/07 @ 00:11
Comment from: Ron Crawford [Member]
Andrea: Read my blog about breeding.
Risa: Read my blog about keeping multiple ball pythons (or species) together.
Stuart: Glad I could help.
09/13/07 @ 22:10
Comment from: Brandon [Visitor] ·
Need an expert opinion...I just bought these balls of a private party ($100 for both), one male, one female. My question is, the male seems pretty dark (the camera doesn't really show this), while the female is a lot lighter than the male. Any ideas if the female is a normal, or are there just variations in the color of normals? - Thanks.
01/06/09 @ 01:56
Comment from: Ron Crawford [Member]
Brandon: They're more than likely both just normal ball pythons. All normal ball pythons have variations in color and many people think their normal is "something more" because it may be a little lighter or darker in appearance or have an interesting pattern but nine times out of time it's just a normal. You can post photos of your normals in our ball python forum to get input from our members too if you'd like.
01/06/09 @ 04:29
Comment from: miguel [Visitor]
I just perchased a pair or pastels '08... in due time I will be breeding the female.. Would u recomend breeding her to my pastel or spider first?.. I'm lookin for the biggest profit..
01/23/09 @ 06:44
Comment from: Ron Crawford [Member]
Miguel: Why not just breed her to both? :-)
01/23/09 @ 17:55
Comment from: dylan [Visitor] Email
i got a female normal and probably will breed later on but how heavy does it have to be before breeding? im pretty sure females have to be heavier than males right?
06/02/09 @ 18:56
Comment from: Julian [Visitor]
Wow, stolzer Preis!
08/14/09 @ 16:23
Comment from: AN [Visitor] Email
What a load of, for want of a better word, balls. Show me the breeder who has 100% hatch rate in their first year...Often the females don't become gravid, eggs are not fertile, hatchlings die because they refuse to eat, and the chance of throwing a straight 50% mojave is rare...chances are PER EGG, NOT PER CLUTCH!!! In addition to this, the value drops on morphs every year. You would have spent a grand on a pastel just a few years ago, now you can get one for 150 bucks. Then there's the cost of vet bills that may be incurred if females get egg bound or any other problems occur. Then there's feeding, lighting, heating bills. I think this post is irresponsible its merely encouraging people to see living beings as money spinners, not the beautiful unique individuals they are. This is why I hate so many people who are into morphs...their snakes are possessions to them not living creatures. If it was that easy EVERYBODY would be doing it. Breeding ball pythons is a gamble, and one that many people lose out on. You might breed a mojo to a normal and not get ONE mojo in the clutch. Its just the way the cookie crumbles.
12/26/09 @ 18:38
Comment from: Camel [Visitor]
So my first ball was from a pet store and cost my $270 for an adult , now they run about $100 same pet place. I learned all I could befor I bread (read sevral books,talked to reptile gurus,and sites) And my first cluch(first year) 100% halch rate and 100% survival rate . Befor you breed make sure you have a market . I know of many "breeders " who got too big too fast or just could not sell as a rersult thay sold the animal below what its worth and some moron buys its and its dead 30days later he's out 50 or 300 bucks by the time he moves on. thanks for reading cheers
03/24/10 @ 13:30
Comment from: Christina [Visitor]
This is a load as AN said. You cannot get a 100% hatch/survival rate every time. And you are not guaranteed that the morphs will always hatch 25% or 50% depending on variables. Also, you can buy a full grown adult for around $100-#200 not $1000! Don't forget to factor in tanks as well, and that is plural for a reason. You don't want to put a baby in an adult set up, they will be uncomfortable. You have to buy a bigger tank as the grow. Heating, humidity, fir bark, hiding places, water, water bowl, food, etc. That all adds up to way more than $125.00.
11/15/10 @ 11:55

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