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RC Reptiles is owned and operated by Ron Crawford who maintains his vast breeding
colony of Ball Pythons in North Eastern Pennsylvania. RC Reptiles breeds and maintains Ball Pythons exclusively. Ron's story of how he was introduced to Ball Pythons is rather amusing because he would have never envisioned himself keeping and breeding well over one hundred ball pythons as he does today.

Back in 1992, Ron worked for a company in New Jersey and he noticed a free advertisement posted in the cafeteria on his way to have lunch one day. Upon further inspection of the ad, he noticed that the free item was none other than a Ball Python snake. Ron had a condition known as Ophidiophobia (Fear of snakes or Snake phobia) and would be one of the last persons on the face of the earth to answer this ad but ironically, he did. The best way to deal with your fear is to face it head on and that's exactly what he did.

Ron was completely petrified of the snake once he had it in his possession and it took some time for him to build up enough courage to even touch it. He eventually overcame his fear of Ball Pythons and ultimately grew to love them. He learned through close interaction with them that they are very docile, curious and don't generally strike or bite just to do it. They are in fact very vulnerable creatures who are deaf and cannot hear sounds, have no body limbs such as hands or feet to help them grasp objects or run at high speeds, cannot generate their own body heat and require external heat sources and have no natural form of protection such as claws or long sharp teeth like other animals.

They must eat to survive just like we must eat to survive. Since they're not vegetarians, they have to eat meat. They have no other choice but to strike fast in order to catch food prey that has four legs and move very fast. Since they don't produce venom, they must wrap and constrict their prey item and are forced to swallow the prey item whole.

Ron learned that his Ball Python was not a scary or evil snake to be afraid of but one to be cherished and respected. Over the years he continued to educate himself on Ball Pythons and study their behaviors closely. He also continued to purchase more Ball Pythons, which led to a collection of over one hundred best of breed Ball Python morphs available.

RC Reptiles currently keeps heterozygous and homozygous Ball Pythons that consist of but not limited to Mojave's, Albinos, Orange Ghosts, Cinnamon Pastels, Spiders, Pastels, Piebalds and he continues to acquire new morphs for his collection. He probably just added a new morph to his collection as you're reading this sentence now.

Ron is now a full-time breeder of investment quality Ball Pythons and he feeds them rodents of the highest quality and maintains their cages and environment as close to perfect
as humanly possible. His animals are clean, free of diseases including external and internal parasites and are constantly monitored on a daily basis. He uses a custom designed and developed state of the art electronic computer software management system for recording every husbandry entry associated with each snake via barcodes. This proprietary system manages breeding rotations, keeps hourly archived weather information and sends alerts when mandatory cage cleaning, water changing, etc. are required and so much more.

In retrospect, it seems that Ron's initial fear of Ball Pythons turned out to be a blessing because it was the fear of them that ultimately led to him acquiring, studying and building an excellent collection of some of the best quality Ball Python morphs in existence.

You too can own superior genetics by purchasing animals from the RC Reptiles collection. Because of our commitment to honesty, integrity and 100% complete customer satisfaction, we have developed an excellent reputation as a breeder of investment quality Ball Pythons. Please feel free to contact us by telephone or email at any time. We look forward to earning your business and helping you grow your collection of investment quality Ball Python morphs.

Thank you.

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